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As stewards of Brooksford Place Housing Cooperative:

1. We adhere to principled leadership, through which we promote, above all, the wellbeing of the co-op as a whole and the fair and even treatment of all members.

2. We govern democratically according to the principles and values of the international co-operative movement

3. We recognize that diverse opinions lead to better outcomes and are a critical component of democratic values.

4. We lead our community through member engagement, grounded on knowledge and reasoned debate.

5. We adapt to the changing needs of our members and the co-op as a whole, promoting education as the primary means to staying current.

6. We balance affordability and fiscal sustainability, following and revising as necessary our Asset Management Plan (AMP).

7. We nurture a compassionate, caring, and inclusive community, fostering a membership of differing incomes, backgrounds and abilities, a place where diversity is seen as a benefit for the co-op as a whole.

8. We resolve conflicts fairly through the uniform application of our policies/ rules, and open, effective communication.

9. We treat each other with kindness, respect, and a spirit of generosity.

10. Our policies, and actions, reflect these commitments.